Make sure you receive an accurate cost estimate from the moving company.

Choose, if possible, a company that is located close to your home because you typically will have to pay for the travel time between the company's warehouse and your home.

Phone estimate

If the estimate is done over the phone, provide as many details as possible. For example:

  • a description of the layout of your home;
  • the distance between the two addresses;
  • the number of floors;
  • whether there are stairs and elevators.

The moving company will be better able to evaluate the time needed to carry out the move. You will therefore receive a more precise estimate.

Long-distance moves

Are you moving to another city? Ask for a representative of the company to come to your home to estimate the move's costs and request that a written estimate be sent.

Terms of payment

Terms of payment can vary from one company to the next. Before moving day, ask your company about how it conducts its business.

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