When you purchase a heating or air conditioning appliance, the merchant or manufacturer can offer you a warranty free of charge. This is called a "conventional warranty.”

Contents of the warranty

If a document detailing the warranty exists, you should request a copy. Otherwise, ask that these details be written on your invoice or in your contract.

The merchant selling you an appliance does not have the right to modify the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty. For example, the merchant cannot deny you repairs that should be covered by the warranty.

How to file a warranty claim

If the heating or air conditioning appliance you purchased is covered by a merchant or manufacturer warranty, you must follow certain steps to enforce your rights. You will, for example, need to ask the merchant or manufacturer to repair the appliance or to obtain the authorization to have it repaired yourself.

You will have a better chance of success by getting an expert opinion. You must demonstrate that:

  • the problem prevents you from using the heating or air conditioning appliance as it was meant to be used;
  • the appliance was used and maintained normally, in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations or the terms of the warranty.

If the merchant or manufacturer refuses to honour the warranty, you should first try to reach an agreement. The Negotiating with a merchant page provides details on the procedure.

If the negotiation fails, you can send a formal notice to the merchant or manufacturer. The Sending a formal notice page provides details on this subject.

If the merchant or manufacturer fails to respond to the request indicated in your formal notice, you can initiate court proceedings. The small claims court page provides details on the procedure.

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Last update : November 24, 2017

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