Did you purchase a defective item from a merchant? Is the delivery of the item you purchased late? Is the merchant refusing to honour the warranty provided with the item?

The Office de la protection du consommateur suggests steps to follow to help solve a problem with a merchant.

  1. Problem with a merchant

    1. Steps to follow with the Office

      1- Visit the website
    2. Steps to follow with the merchant

      3- Filing a complaint with the court
      1. Small claims

        ($15,000 and less)

Steps to follow with the Office

If your problem relates to a subject that falls within the Office’s jurisdiction, contact us to file a complaint. We will inform you about your rights and recourse options. We will also provide tools that will help you solve your problem in accordance with your situation (e.g., information kit, formal notice form, access to Parle consommation, etc.).

However, it remains your responsibility to communicate and negotiate with the merchant. It is impossible for the Office to intervene in every situation that is reported to us by consumers. Consult the page Rôle de l'Office (in French only) to learn more about our role regarding the monitoring of the activities of merchants.

Steps to follow with the merchant

You should first address the problem with the merchant before taking legal action.

The Negotiating with a merchant page can also guide you in the negotiation process; most merchants are open to negotiation. If this does not give you the results you wished for, you can send a formal notice to the merchant. As a last resort, you can file a complaint with the small claims court or the Civil Division of the Court of Quebec, depending on the dollar amount claimed.

Useful Resources

To guide you through each step, the Potential Solutions page will be of great help. Legal support organizations are also available to help you.

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Last update : October 11, 2023

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