Note that search results are only available in French.

Check whether the Office has intervened with a merchant, whether the merchant has received formal notices from consumers, and whether it holds a permit or licence (in French only).

Get Information About a Merchant is a tool that lets consumers do a search by merchant. Only merchants for which the Office has any information are listed.

For each merchant that is listed you will find the following information:

  • certain monitoring actions carried out by the Office with the merchant in question (notices of offence, criminal prosecution or published voluntary commitment) and the results of those actions (guilty or not-guilty plea, judgment, criminal penalty);
  • the number of formal notices the merchant has received from consumers, of which the Office has received a copy and meet the criteria for publication;
  • where applicable, the licence(s) or permit(s) and exemption(s) issued by the Office of which the merchant is or has been a holder, and any press releases (in French only) issued by the Office or compensation files concerning the merchant.

Other tools made available by the Office

Other search tools are available to help you find more information about a merchant. You can:

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