Compensation is a financial protection mechanism for the benefit of consumers. Under certain circumstances, the Office de la protection du consommateur can provide you with such compensation.

Compensation is available where a merchant has provided a security to the Office. This compensation may be provided to consumers who file a claim as a result of:

  • a business closure or bankruptcy;
  • a situation where a tourism service provider (air carrier, hotel, cruise line) has failed to deliver the services purchased from a travel agent;
  • a judgment rendered against a merchant that has failed to abide by a law or regulation of which the Office oversees the enforcement.

Refer to the pages titled What Is Compensation?; Procedure to Receive Compensation; Analyzing and Processing Claims; and Other Possibilities for Compensation for all the details.

If your claim concerns a trip purchased from a travel agent, refer to the page titled Procedure to Be Reimbursed by the Fund.

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Last update : June 6, 2023

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