Your claim for compensation and supporting documents will be analyzed.

To find out more about the analysis of a claim for compensation concerning a trip purchased from a travel agent, refer to the Compensation Fund for Customers of Travel Agents section.

Processing times

You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt within 30 days.

Please plan for 7 to 8 months for your claim to be processed as of the date the file of the merchant in question has been posted. Once a compensation file has been posted, it remains open for 6 months. The consumers concerned may file a claim during that period. After 6 months, the file is closed and the amount of compensation you will receive is determined, in consideration of all of the claims received.

If the merchant’s file remains posted on the Office website after 6 months, this means that funds are still available and that a claim for compensation may still be filed.

Amount paid

If the total amount of the eligible claims exceeds the amounts that are available, compensation will be allocated on a pro rata basis. The compensation amount you will receive may therefore be lower than the amount to which you are eligible.


You may be compensated directly from the security the Office holds on behalf of the merchant in either of the following situations:

  • you have obtained a judgment against a merchant that holds a permit or licence, its representative or the security; or
  • you have entered into an agreement or a transaction with a merchant that holds a permit or licence, its representative or the security.

The merchant must have held a permit or licence or an exemption associated with a security when you did business with that merchant.

In the event of a negative response

If your claim for compensation is denied, you may have other recourse options. Refer to the page titled Other Possibilities for Compensation for more information.

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Last update : October 20, 2022

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