What happens if you do not receive the services you have purchased, such as a flight or a cruise? Or if your travel agency closes its doors or goes bankrupt?

Here is the procedure to apply to be reimbursed or compensated in 6 easy steps.

Before you file a reimbursement claim with the Compensation Fund for Customers of Travel Agents:

  • Contact the company that should have provided the service, e.g. the air carrier or cruise line, to ask for a reimbursement for the service you did not receive.
  • Check whether your insurance company can reimburse you. In certain cases, you may also be entitled to other compensation (meals, lodging and other expenses). Remember to keep all your invoices to be submitted with your claim to your insurer.

If you still have not received a reimbursement or you only received a partial reimbursement after going through Step 1, you can go on to Step 2.

If you did business with a travel agency that holds a licence from the Office, you can file a claim with the Fund. You can check whether your travel agency holds a licence using the Getting information about a merchant search tool.

You can also visit the Situations covered by the Fund page. If in doubt, please contact us.

Upon reception of your claim, the Office will evaluate whether all of the required conditions are fulfilled.

File your reimbursement claim with the Fund as soon as possible, e.g. as soon as you become a victim of default of a service provider.

To be entitled to a reimbursement, you must not have received any other reimbursement, e.g. from a third party, such as an insurer. However, if you have received a partial reimbursement, you can claim the difference from the Fund.

Example: You paid $1,000 for services that could not be provided. You received a $400 reimbursement from your insurer. You can claim $600 from the Fund.

Claim form in connection with COVID-19

For any application in connection with the coronavirus, refer to the COVID-19 file (in French only) and download the form, then fill it out on screen and print it out to sign it. You will need Adobe Reader version 8 or later (free of charge).

Claim form for other cases

First check our Indemnisation section (in French only) to see whether a file has already been opened concerning your situation in order to determine which compensation form to fill out.

If your application does not concern any of the currently opened files, use the general claim form (1.1 MB) for the Compensation Fund for Customers of Travel Agents.

Save the form on your computer or mobile device, then fill it out on screen and print it out to sign it. You will need Adobe Reader version 8 or later (free of charge).

If you have problems saving the form or filling it out on screen, print it out, then fill it out legibly by hand.

If you need help in filling out your request, please contact us.

You recommend this page: https://www.opc.gouv.qc.ca/

Last update : March 31, 2023

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