The Compensation Fund for Customers of Travel Agents could reimburse you the cost of services paid to a travel agency or compensate you, such as in the the situations described below.

The Fund will reimburse or compensate you on the condition that you are not otherwise reimbursed or compensated, e.g. by your travel agency or by a tourism services provider. To establish a reimbursement, the Office de la protection du consommateur evaluates whether the amount claimed is reasonable. The fact that you cannot unjustifiably enrich yourself is taken into consideration, among other things. 

A strike, a bankruptcy, an unforeseen closure or a storm affects your air carrier or cruise line and prevents you from receiving their services. The Fund could also reimburse you if a flight cancellation or delay causes you to miss overnight stays at a hotel or a tourist activity included in your package.

Your hotel goes into bankruptcy or closes its doors for other reasons, such as a strike, a natural disaster or a political crisis.

An excursion or a guided tour you have purchased from the travel agency does not take place, because a volcano eruption prevents any travel in the area.

You have purchased a cruise package that includes a flight to the city of departure, but the cruise is cancelled. The ship must remain docked because of a major mechanical problem. You could be reimbursed for the services you were unable to receive.

You have purchased a trip scheduled a week later, but, on the day of departure, the Canadian Government issues an advisory against travelling to the country to which you were supposed to travel. 

The Fund can provide you with the amounts you need for your departure or to get back home, for example if the airline does not provide you with the required transportation because it has closed.

The travel agency with which you do business closes its doors before your departure.

Concrete examples of situations covered

You can also consult concrete examples of situations covered by referring to the page on this subject.

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Last update : March 22, 2024

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