The Compensation Fund for Customers of Travel Agents can be used to reimburse you when you have not received the services for which you had paid, such as in the following situations:

  • Transportation not received;
  • Lodging not received;
  • Tourism activities not received;
  • Main service not received;
  • Immediate departure or repatriation required;
  • Closure or bankruptcy of the travel agency.

You can also consult concrete examples of situations covered.

Transportation not received

An unforeseen strike, bankruptcy or closure affects your air carrier or cruise line and prevent you from receiving their services.

The Fund could also reimburse you if a flight cancellation causes you to miss overnight stays at a hotel, a tourist activity or meals included in your package.

Lodging not received

Your hotel goes into bankruptcy or closes its doors for any other reason, such as a strike or a natural disaster.

Tourist activities not received

An excursion or guided tour you have purchased from the travel agency does not take place.

Main service not received

You have purchased a cruise package that includes a flight to the city of departure, but the cruise is cancelled. The entire package can be reimbursed to you.

Immediate departure or repatriation required

The Fund can provide you with the amounts you need to get back home, for example if the airline can no longer provide you with the required transportation.

Closure or bankruptcy of the travel agency

The travel agency with which you do business closes its doors before your departure.

Consult concrete examples of situations covered.

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Last update : July 18, 2018

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