The following situations are presented as examples only. To determine whether you are entitled to a reimbursement or compensation, your case will have to be analyzed based on its particularities.

The Compensation Fund for Customers of Travel Agents will reimburse or compensate you on the condition that you are not otherwise reimbursed or compensated, e.g. by your travel agency or by a tourism services provider. To establish a reimbursement, the Office de la protection du consommateur evaluates whether the amount claimed is reasonable. The fact that you cannot unjustifiably enrich yourself is taken into consideration, among other things. 

You have purchased a round-trip flight to Florida through a travel agency. The air carrier goes bankrupt before your departure. The Fund could reimburse the amount you paid, if the agency had already transferred the money to the carrier.

You have booked a round-trip flight and a 3-night stay at a hotel through a travel agency. Just before you leave, you find out that the hotel has just closed its doors. The hotel reimburses you. With your permission, the travel agency books a stay at another hotel, but at a higher cost.

The Fund could reimburse you for the difference between the reasonable cost of the 2nd reservation and the cost of the 1st reservation.

You have purchased a package from your travel agency that includes a round-trip flight to Japan as well as several tourist activities on site. After you've reached your destination, you find out that one of these activities has been cancelled. 

The Fund could reimburse you the amount you had paid for this activity.

You have purchased a cruise package that leaves from Copenhagen through a travel agency. Because of an air traffic controller strike in Europe, your carrier has cancelled all its flights. The cruise takes place, but you are unable to get to Copenhagen.

The Fund could reimburse you the amount you paid for the entire package.

You have purchased a cruise package from an agency that includes a flight and a 10-day cruise in the Antilles. On the day of your departure, your flight is cancelled. Your agency finds you a more expensive ticket, but of the same class, for a new flight: you land 3 days later than originally planned, but you get to the cruise ship.

The Fund could reimburse you the cost of the new flight and 30% of the "cruise" portion of the package, which corresponds to the 3 missed days out of 10. 

You are taking a trip to Argentina organized by a Québec tour operator. During your stay, a labour strike forces the airline to cancel a domestic flight to Buenos Aires, where you where scheduled to spend a few days before returning to Canada. The airline reimburses you for this flight, but you still have to get to your destination. You end up having to take a 2-day bus trip.

The Fund could reimburse the cost of the activities and tourist services paid to the travel agent that you did not receive during these 2 days.

You have purchased a one-way ticket for $1,000 at a travel agency. The day before you are scheduled to leave, the air carrier closes its doors. The travel agency then offers you a new ticket of the same class, costing $1,250, from another air carrier. You accept the proposal.

In this case, the Fund could reimburse you the $1,250 you paid for the ticket for your departure.

You have purchased a round-trip economy class flight from Canada to Burkina Faso for $2,000. For the return trip, the air carrier refuses to honour your ticket, which had been paid for by the travel agency. You purchase another return economy class ticket for $1,500.

In this case, the Fund could reimburse you the $1,500 you paid to get back to Canada.

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Last update : March 22, 2024

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