You can cancel a timeshare accommodation contract at any time by notifying the merchant in writing. However, depending on when you cancel, you may have to pay compensation.

Contract cancellation deadline: 10 days

You have 10 days to cancel a timeshare accommodation contract, with no fees or penalties. This period begins on the day after you took possession of your copy of the signed contract.

For example, if you received your copy of the signed contract on Tuesday, you have until Friday of the following week to cancel it. If the 10th day falls on a weekend or statutory holiday, the deadline is postponed to the next weekday or workday.

Contract cancellation deadline: one year

You can cancel a timeshare accommodation contract, with no fees or penalties, within the year that follows the day on which it was signed by both parties (the merchant and you). You must find yourself in either of the following situations:

Other possibilities

You can cancel the contract, with no fees or penalties, at any time before the merchant gives you access to the services provided for in the contract.

If you wish to terminate your contract after the merchant has begun providing these services, he or she is entitled to claim compensation from you, such as an amount equivalent to the price of the services provided.

Cancelling the credit contract

If you cancel a timeshare accommodation contract within the prescribed deadlines, the cancellation also automatically cancels the credit contract entered into to finance the purchase. These 2 contracts form a whole.

Cancellation procedure

You can notify the merchant of your decision to cancel your contract via either of the two following options:

The contract is cancelled as soon as the form or notice is sent. The merchant has 15 days as of the postmark date of the notice to reimburse any amounts paid in advance.

Modifying the contract

What if the merchant wants to modify the timeshare accommodation contract you entered into with him or her?

If such modifications result in an increase in your obligations (e.g. the fees you are required to pay) or a decrease in the merchant's obligations, the merchant and you must sign a new contract.

Renewing the contract

A timeshare accommodation contract may not contain an automatic renewal clause. When a contract ends, the merchant can simply enter into a new one with you, if you so wish.

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Last update : September 23, 2021

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