You can try to seek compensation if you believe a travel agent has failed to abide by his or her obligations.

For example:

  • Services you have received are not consistent with the agreement you had entered into with your travel agent. The services that were provided to you must comply with:
    • the description that appears in your contract with the travel agency;
    • what the travel agent told you;
    • any related advertising.
  • Services not provided have caused you damages. For example, you lost wages due to a cancelled return flight;
  • You were unable to travel because your travel agent failed to indicate the passport or visa validity requirements.

Recourse options

The law provides for recourse options when a travel agent does not fulfill his or her obligations toward you. But first, try to reach an agreement with the travel agent. The page titled Resolve a Problem with a merchant explains how to proceed.

If the negotiation fails, you can send a formal notice to the travel agent. The page titled Sending a Formal Notice provides details on this subject.

If the travel agent fails to respond to the request indicated in your formal notice, you can initiate court proceedings. The small claims court page provides details on the procedure.

If you initiate court proceedings, you must notify the Office de la protection du consommateur of the action you wish to take. The page titled Contact Us lists our contact information.

Court judgment

If your travel agent refuses to compensate you and you are successful in your court proceedings, you can have the judgment enforced against the travel agent.

If the agent is unable to pay you (e.g., the travel agent closed the business) or if the travel agent fails to do so, the surety paid by the travel agent could be used to compensate you.

A surety is a guarantee the travel agent has provided to the Office to receive his or her licence. It can be used to compensate you if the agent fails to meet his or her obligations.

If the surety is insufficient, you may file a claim with the Compensation Fund for Customers of Travel Agents and receive compensation in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation respecting travel agents.

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Last update : March 22, 2024

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