The merchant must provide you with a contract that details the terms and conditions of your accommodation rights. Make sure that the contract accurately reflects the promises made by the merchant.

Information that must appear on the contract

Until a regulation prescribes a mandatory contract model, the contract must indicate:

  • a statement, in the title and before any other indication, that the contract is a timeshare accommodation contract;
  • your name, address, telephone number and, if applicable, your email address;
  • the merchant's name as well as the address, telephone number and, if applicable, the email address of the merchant's principal address in Québec;
  • the merchant's itinerant merchant's permit number and Québec enterprise number, if applicable;
  • the date on which you can benefit from the accommodation rights provided for in the contract and, if applicable, the start and end dates of any period during which the merchant is required to perform the obligations provided for in the contract;
  • the total amounts you are required to pay, including any credit charges;
  • if applicable, the total amount you are required to pay under any contract entered into with a third-party merchant, including any credit charges;
  • the total of the amounts referred to in the 2 previous bullet points;
  • the terms and conditions of payment, including an annual instalment schedule and the currency in which all amounts owing are payable;
  • a statement that the merchant may not collect payment before beginning to provide the services;
  • information about the fact that you can cancel the contract within 10 days following the moment you are given a copy of the contract.

The merchant is required to give you a duplicate of the signed contract, along with the 2 following documents:

You can use this form if you want to cancel your contract.

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Last update : March 22, 2024

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