The steps to be taken before you purchase a property (a house or a condo, for example) may sometimes seem complex. Here are some tips to help you through the process.

Have the property inspected

It is important to have the property you wish to purchase inspected by an expert. If you are dealing with a person who has a real estate broker licence, they are required to recommend this inspection.

You will find out about the overall condition of the building: the state of the windows, the roof, the bathroom, the presence of water leaks in the basement, etc.

Make sure the inspector provides you with a detailed written report. This document will be useful to negotiate the sale price if the condition of the property decreases its value.

Being careful about advertising

An advertised price must include all amounts you need to pay to obtain the services, except taxes.

For example, a merchant cannot advertise a price that represents periodic payments--i.e. "Become a home owner for $500 a month!" The total amount to be paid for the property must be clearly displayed in the advertising.

Federal and provincial taxes don't need to be specified.

Get more information

To get more information on the steps involved in purchasing a house, you can consult the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation Web site. The Régie du bâtiment du Québec also offers a few tips for buying a new property.

Finally, the page that deals with real estate transactions presents many useful resources on this subject. 

Last update : February 22, 2024

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