The Office de la protection du consommateur provides advice to help you choose a moving company.

Choose a well-established company

Ask for recommendations from family or friends who have had good experiences with moving companies.

Contact 2 or 3 different companies to compare offers.

Beware of moving companies that advertise in newspaper classified ads and only provide a phone number as contact information. In case of a problem, you could have trouble tracking down the company.

Check whether the moving company is insured

Make sure the moving company carries a basic insurance that covers the objects and furniture being moved. This will make it easier for you to be compensated should any of your possessions be damaged.

Make sure the moving company carries a liability insurance covering at least $1 million. If the company is insured, you will be better protected in case any of your property or that of a neighbor is damaged or if a person is injured during the move.

Getting informed about a moving company

You can get further information about a moving company using the tool Get informed about a merchant (in French only). By entering the name of a moving company into the tool, you will know:

  • if the Office has previously intervened with them;
  • if it has received formal notices from other consumers.

Check the company's registration at the Commission des transports du Québec

If the moving company uses heavy vehicles, it must be registered to the Commission des transports du Québec's Register of owners and operators of heavy vehicles.

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Last update : May 25, 2021

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