Air conditioning appliance or heat pump repairs are guaranteed for 3 months. If the problem comes back within 3 months following the repair, the repair person must do the work again for free. This warranty covers parts and labour.


If you have approved an evaluation and paid for the repairs, you have recourse against a repair person that did not do the work properly. The page Filing a complaint with the small claims court explains how to do so.

We advise you to pay the bill and seek recourse afterwards.

For any other heating appliance that was poorly repaired, try to first discuss the problem with the repair person. See Negotiating with a merchant for details on how to proceed. If you fail to reach an agreement, send a formal notice to the service provider. See Sending a formal notice for details on how to proceed.

Complaints to the order to which the repair person belongs

You can also file a complaint to the order that issued the license to the merchant that performed the repairs.

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