The Office recommends requesting work estimates from a few different trusted and experienced contractors. The law does not require that contractors provide such estimates. Serious contractors should nevertheless agree to provide them.

Contents of an estimate

The estimate could include, for example:

  • the depth of the required excavation work;
  • for a foundation, the quantity, type, and quality of the material to be used, especially the thickness of the stone to be used, once compacted;
  • for surfacing work, the thickness and type of asphalt to be used, the use of decorative stones or not, and, if applicable, the type of stones to be used;
  • the dimensions of the surface to be asphalted and, if applicable, the area to be covered by decorative stones;
  • whether a geotextile membrane is to be installed;
  • whether the debris will be collected;
  • the scheduled work completion date;
  • the duration and terms of the warranty offered;
  • the total cost of the work to be done.

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Last update : May 3, 2021

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