When you return a leased vehicle at the end of a lease, some merchants will charge fees to cover normal wear and tear costs. Other merchants will ask for compensation to bring the car back to a better condition than what is considered normal wear and tear. If you do not agree with the merchant on this matter, the courts will have the final word.

Request for an estimate

Before returning your vehicle at the end of the lease, you should have a mechanic of your choice evaluate the vehicle's wear and tear. In case of a problem with the merchant, you will be able to use this third-party's written evaluation of the vehicle's condition.

When it is obvious that damages are not due to normal wear and tear, you may benefit from having repair work done by the mechanic of your choice. You may save money on the cost of the requested repairs.

Example of fees that cannot be charged

The merchant cannot request that you refund the replacement of vehicle's hood because of slight scratches or bumps caused by small rocks or debris during the normal use of the car.

Moreover, a rip in the fabric of a seat that is not due to normal wear and tear cannot incur exorbitant costs to be repaired. The merchant must charge a reasonable amount.

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Last update : May 3, 2021

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