No matter where you shop for your used car, be sure to make the right decision. To help you, the Office de la protection du consommateur has a few tips for you.

Tips before buying a used car from a dealer

Set a price point you can afford

Consider the costs of:

  • insurance;
  • vehicle registration;
  • winter tires;
  • maintenance;
  • fuel consumption.

Get information about the merchant

Has the merchant ever received a formal notice from customers? Has the Office intervened with this merchant?

The answers to your questions can be found in the Get information about a merchant tool.

Do business with a merchant that obeys the law

  • The merchant holds a road vehicle dealer’s licence from the Office. That way, should a problem arise, you could apply for compensation. If the salesperson tells you he or she does not need a licence because he or she does not sell enough vehicles, beware, as this is false!
  • The merchant affixes a label on the vehicle and gives it to you when you buy it. This label contains information that will help you make an informed decision.
  • The merchant lets you take the car out for a test drive. You have the right to take your time and do more than simply ride around the block.
  • The merchant lets you have the car inspected, choose the mechanic that will carry out the inspection and does not charge any fees as a result. The merchant may, however, ask you to leave an object, such as an identity card, as security.
  • The merchant gives you the contact information for the previous owner after you ask for it.
  • The merchant gives you a written contract. Make sure the merchant includes any statements made to you in the contract.

Avoid unfortunate events

More tips

You can find more detailed information and additional tips in the section titled Before buying a used vehicle from a dealer.

Another section of our website also covers purchasing a used automobile from a private vendor.

Last update : June 5, 2024

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