Must a car be maintained (oil changes, for example) by the dealer for the manufacturer's warranty to be valid?

General maintenance

You can have the maintenance of your car done by the garage of your choice. However, you must save the invoices that the garage provides you. The invoices must show details about the work that was done on your car. That way, you will be able to present those invoices to the dealer or the manufacturer if a problem should arise.

Use of a specific product

Does the manufacturer request that you use a specific brand product for a maintenance? It is allowed to do so in the following circumstances:

  • if the maintenance is free;
  • if the manufacturer can prove that the car cannot function properly without the use of this product;
  • if the extended warranty contains such requirement.

Maintenance frequency

The Office de la protection du consommateur advises you to follow the recommended maintenance calendar. If you do not, when a problem occurs, the dealer could claim that it was caused by your noncompliance with the maintenance calendar.

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Last update : February 10, 2023

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