The warranty of fitness order only applies to used cars built in recent years. The duration of the warranty is determined according to the year the car was put on the market and its mileage.

Categories of warranties of fitness

CategoriesMarket year and mileageDuration of the warranty
A2 years or less and has not logged over 40,000 kilometres6 months or 10,000 kilometres, whichever is reached first
B3 years or less and has not logged over 60,000 kilometres 3 months or 5,000 kilometres, whichever is reached first
C5 years or less and has not logged over 80,000 kilometres one month or 1,700 kilometres, whichever is reached first

No warranty of fitness covers vehicles that are older than 5 years old that have logged over 80,000 kilometres. These vehicles belong to "category D."

Warranty of fitness coverage

The warranty starts on the date the vehicle is delivered. The warranty covers the necessary parts and labour needed to ensure the car is in good working order. The warranty of fitness does not cover:

  • the normal maintenance and the resulting replacement of parts;
  • interior fitting or decorative exterior articles;
  • damages that result from misuse of the vehicle after its delivery;
  • defects listed by the merchant on the vehicle label, provided the merchant included an estimate of the repair costs. The merchant thus guarantees the repair can be made at the price mentioned in the estimate.

How to have the warranty of fitness enforced

To have the warranty of fitness enforced, contact the dealer that has sold or leased the vehicle to you. The warranty applies even if the merchant tells you the vehicle is not covered by any warranty.

The merchant is responsible for the towing charges and repair costs. Even if you purchased an extended or additional warranty, the merchant remains responsible for these costs. As such, you do not have to pay any deductible.

The warranty of fitness extends for the period the merchant is in possession of the vehicle to carry out the necessary repairs. If your car spends 4 days at the garage, 4 days are added to the warranty period (except if you reach the mileage limit first.)

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Last update : February 10, 2023

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