Advertisements that contain false or misleading information, or that omit important facts, are illegal. The rules presented below apply to advertisements on leasing a vehicle with a purchase option. 

Required content of an advertisement

An advertisement about long-term leasing must indicate that it is an offer to lease a vehicle. If the advertisement includes any of the following points, it must also mention all of the others:

  • the retail value of the vehicle;
  • the required down payment;
  • the amount, total number and payment period of the instalments (e.g. one instalment per month);
  • the lease's duration;
  • the kilometre allowance, if applicable;
  • fees for excess kilometres, if applicable;
  • the required security deposit that is refundable at the end of the lease, if applicable.

Advertised instalments

If the amount of the instalments to be made for the long-term lease of the vehicle is indicated, its retail value must also appear and be more prominently displayed. 

Examples of prohibited practices

It is prohibited for an advertisement to:

  • indicate the kilometre allowance for the duration of the contract without mentioning the fees charged for excess kilometres;
  • use an illustration that does not accurately depict the vehicle whose price is advertised;
  • present information about the vehicle in a manner that is unclear, illegible or incomprehensible. For example, this could mean using a font size that is too small to be read or using terms that limit the scope of an important piece of information in the message.

The leased vehicle must comply with the advertisement for the vehicle in question.

If there is a problem

If you find yourself in a situation in which these rules are not respected, you can contact the Office de la protection du consommateur.

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Last update : August 12, 2019

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