Garages cannot charge you more than the total price indicated on the evaluation. Only the cost of additional repairs authorized by you can be added.


If a garage gives you a bill that is higher than what was agreed upon, you can:

  1. Pay the total amount under protest. A bill paid under protest means that you will contest the amount paid. You must write "under protest" on one of the following documents:
    • the cheque remitted to the garage;
    • the invoice;
    • the copy of the invoice that he asks you to get your vehicle back.
  2. Send a formal notice to the garage to claim the overpayment amount. See Formally notifying a merchant for more details.
  3. If the garage does not reimburse you, take your case to small claims court. See Taking a case to small claims court for more information.

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Last update : May 3, 2021

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