Some merchants may request that you pay to replace the tires of the vehicle you are returning. But it may not always be justified.

Tires considered excessively worn

The merchant cannot charge you for a new set of tires to replace tires that are considered excessively worn. Charging for the installation of a set of used tires is more appropriate, provided these tires are considered to show normal wear and tear.

Winter tires

Are you returning the vehicle while it is fitted with winter tires? Some merchants may charge fees to replace the winter tires with another set that corresponds to what was installed when the car was purchased: all-season tires or summer tires.

The merchant can only charge this fee if it is provided for in the leasing contract. This requirement is more acceptable if, for example, the merchant asks for the winter tires to be replaced if the vehicle is not returned in the winter. In such a case, the merchant should not request the replacement tires be identical to the original set (same brand and same model) if tires from another brand are considered equivalent. However, the merchant can make such a request if the contract provides for it.

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Last update : May 3, 2021

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