In Québec, a lease contract with purchase option is most commonly used. The length of that contract is often 48 months, but it can also be shorter or longer.

The road vehicle permit number must appear in the contract that is provided to you.

Evaluating your ability to pay

Before entering into a long-term lease contract with you, the merchant must evaluate your ability to pay. To find out more, refer to the page titled What Long-Term Leasing Involves.


The periodic instalments paid over the leasing period must be equal amounts. Only the final payment can be for a lesser amount. The instalments must also be spread over essentially equal periods (usually once a month).

The merchant cannot ask you to pay more than 2 instalments in advance.

Purchase option

When provided for by the contract, you can purchase the vehicle, for the price specified in the contract. In the original contract, the merchant must indicate the price you will have to pay if you wish to purchase the vehicle, or how to calculate that amount, as well as any other conditions you will be required to fulfill.

Security deposit

The merchant can request a security deposit when you sign the contract. This amount must be refunded to you when the contract ends, unless it was used to make a late payment, for example.

Contents of the contract

The page titles Knowing what the Contract Must Contains (section about long-term leases, in French only) provides details about the contents of a contract.

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