Advertisements that contain false or misleading information, or omit important facts, are illegal.

Examples of prohibited practices

For example, it is prohibited for an advertisement to:

  • announce that a major discount will be granted without mentioning that certain conditions apply in order to receive it (e.g. being the owner of a vehicle from the same manufacturer, or purchasing an optional accessory);
  • state that interest free financing is available without mentioning the applicable credit rate, if a discount is granted to consumers who pay cash. This discount constitutes a credit fee. The credit rate is truly 0% when the price of the vehicle remains the same whether it is financed or paid in cash;
  • indicate only the amount of the monthly instalments in an advertisement about credit, without stating the total price of the vehicle;
  • use an illustration that does not accurately depict the vehicle whose price is advertised;
  • use the expression "cost price" or any other expression that would lead one to believe that the vehicle is sold at such a price, if it does not make reference to the price actually paid by the merchant to acquire the vehicle;
  • present information about the vehicle in a manner that is unclear, illegible or incomprehensible. For example, this could mean using a font size that is too small to be read or using terms that limit the scope of an important piece of information in the message.

The vehicle sold must comply with to the advertisement made about it. The merchant is bound by this advertisement.

Reporting a merchant

If you find yourself in a situation in which these rules are not respected, you can contact the Office de la protection du consommateur.

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Last update : May 3, 2021

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