Resale between 2 consumers

The law does not regulate the resale of tickets between 2 consumers. For example, the following rules do not apply if you purchase tickets through online classifieds.

The law prohibits the resale of tickets for shows or sports and cultural events at a higher price than the one authorized by the show or event producer. Resellers can offer tickets at a higher price if they have been authorized to do so by the show or event producer.

Resale conditions

Before buying a ticket, resellers are required to:

  • clearly inform you that the ticket in question is being resold;
  • mentions the name of the official ticket office;
  • tell you that tickets may be sold at the official ticket office;
  • specify the price of the tickets being sold at the official ticket office;
  • indicate the maximum price agreed to by the producer of the show or event;
  • inform you of the place or seat the ticket entitles you to occupy (unless no such place has been determined).

This information will allow you to verify whether less expensive tickets are still available before you proceed with your purchase. Make sure to get this information before buying from a reseller, particularly online.

Information on the possibility of a refund

Before you complete the purchase, the reseller must inform you that you will be refunded if you find yourself in any of the following situations:

  • the ticket grants admission to a show or an event that is cancelled;
  • the ticket does not grant you admission to the show or the event;
  • the show or the event to which the ticket grants admission, the place or seat it allows you to occupy, or the value of the ticket does not correspond to what was said, written, advertised or claimed during the resale.

Last update : June 10, 2022

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