The law governs contracts signed with a merchant who offers series of courses, such as language, driving, dance, sports, and so on. These contracts are defined as "service contracts involving sequential performance."

Courses covered

The courses covered by the law are those that intend to:

  • provide you with instruction, training, or assistance to enable you to develop your skills or knowledge or to improve your intellectual, physical, or moral faculties;
  • help you create, maintain, or develop personal or social relations.

The affected establishments are the following:

  • private establishments, such as music, dance, language, or martial arts schools;
  • nonprofit organisations;
  • educational institutions that offer courses outside of their educational program. For example, a university that offers swimming lessons for kids in its sports complex.

Courses not covered

Public institutions

The law does not cover certain courses provided by public institutions, such as:

  • courses offered by municipal recreational services, unless the courses are conducted by an independent partner. For example, a karate course conducted by instructors from an independent karate school as part of a city recreational program.
  • courses offered by an educational institution as part of its educational program. For example, all courses pertaining to programs offered by a university.

Fitness or weight management centres

Some establishments, defined by the law as "physical fitness studios," offer courses that aim to improve the overall physical condition of their clients with:

  • physical exercise;
  • weight management;
  • treatments;
  • a diet program.

These establishments are governed by different rules. To learn more, see the section on Fitness and weight-management centres.

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