Merchants who opt out of the individual labelling rule must indicate the prices on the shelves and use an optical scanner. They are required to apply the Price Accuracy Policy.

Compensation in the event of an error

This policy provides for compensation if the price shown at the cash register is higher than the price displayed in the store. The merchant must:

  • give you the item for free, if it costs $10 or less;
  • sell you the item at the price displayed, minus a $10 discount, if it costs more than $10.

You are not entitled to compensation if the error is in your favour, meaning if the price shown at the cash register is lower than the price displayed in the store.

If you are purchasing identical items and the same pricing error is noted for each item, the merchant must correct each error, but the compensation (either offering one item for free or providing a $10 discount) can be applied to only one item.

What if you notice the error afterwards? You can return to the merchant’s establishment and ask for compensation as provided under the policy.

Politique d’exactitude des prix Notice

If you see this notice displayed in a store, it means the merchant must abide by the Price Accuracy Policy.

Cases in which compensation does not apply: clothing and products without bar codes

The compensation provided for by the policy does not apply to clothing and products without bar codes, such as fruits or vegetables sold in bulk. In the event of a pricing error, the merchant must sell the item at the lowest indicated price. The Products not affected by the Price Accuracy Policy page provides more information on this topic.

Bar code errors

If the bar code scanned at the register is for a product other than the one that you are purchasing, the policy does not apply.

For example: you are purchasing a bottle of shampoo priced at $4 and a bottle of conditioner priced at $3. The cashier scans the bottle of shampoo twice, thinking you are purchasing two identical products. In such a case, the merchant is not required to compensate you. The merchant must, however, sell you the products at the displayed prices.

Displaced item

The Price Accuracy Policy does not apply if an item is placed near a shelf price tag that refers to another item.

Example: you are purchasing coffee. The bag is located near a shelf tag that indicates a price of $5. The price shown at the cash register, however, is $8. The merchant tells you that the product description on the shelf tag does not correspond to this item. It was displaced and is indeed priced at $8. In this case, the merchant is not required to compensate you and is entitled to charge you $8.

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Last update : January 4, 2024

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