The Royal Canadian Mint ceased on February 4, 2013 to distribute the penny.

Rounding transaction amounts

The federal government asks merchants to round cash transaction amounts to the closest $0.05 multiple, after the addition of taxes (GST and QST). The Department of Finance Canada Web site provides details about this process.


Cost of an item after the addition of taxesAmount that you must pay

Pricing error?

According to the Price Accuracy Policy, rounding up to the closest $0.05 multiple is not considered a pricing error. You cannot ask for the compensation provided by this policy if, after the rounding-up process, the price displayed at the register does not correspond to the one displayed on the shelf.

However, the Price Accuracy Policy may apply if the total amount of a transaction exceeds the closest $0.05 multiple rounding threshold.

Card transactions

Merchants cannot round up transaction amounts when the payment is made by credit or debit card.

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Last update : May 3, 2021

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