Merchants must clearly indicate the price of their products in a public market. Generally speaking, they must label every product that is for sale.

Exceptions: individual labelling not required

The law makes provisions for exceptions to the display of prices. These exceptions affect products sold in public markets:

  • food not packaged before sale;
  • unpackaged goods whose price is determined by a unit of measure, for example, according to weight;
  • unpackaged goods that are usually sold in bulk;
  • trees, plants and flowers.

Merchants must indicate the price in proximity of these products in a clear and legible manner. They can, for instance, write the name and the price of products on a poster.

The page dealing with Labelling and price indication rules provides the full list of exceptions.

Exemption from the individual labelling rule

While there are fewer merchants who use optical scanners in public markets, they can opt out from the obligation to label each of their products. They can indicate the price near the goods in a clear and legible manner. They must also respect the Price accuracy policy.


What if you notice that a merchant has not correctly labelled the price of the products for sale in a public market? You can file a complaint with the Office de la protection du consommateur. You can find our contact information on the Contact us page.

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Last update : June 22, 2022

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