A financial institution must send you a statement of account at least 21 days before the date on which they can apply credit charges. This means that a statement of account sent on the 1st of the month can be paid before the 23rd of the same month without any charges being added, except in the case of cash advances.

The financial institution is not required to send you a statement of account in certain circumstances. Such is the case, for example, if you did not request an advance or made a payment during the period in question, and where the account balance is zero at the end of the period.

Electronic transmission

If you so request, the financial institution may notify you that your statement of account is ready by electronic means (e.g. via email).

A statement of account is deemed to have been sent to you if:

  • you received by email or another technological means a notice informing you that a statement of account is available on the financial institution's website;
  • the statement is indeed available;
  • it is possible for you to keep a copy of the statement of account by printing it or otherwise.

Supporting documents

You can also ask for copies, free of charge, of the supporting documents for each transaction for which you are invoiced. The financial institution has 60 days after the date on which you sent your request to send you the documents.

Last update : January 8, 2020

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