If you purchase a used car from an individual, warranties that are still valid may be transferred. Refer to the page on transferring warranties in effect for more information.

Hidden defects

The Civil Code provides for a warranty against hidden defects. This warranty, however, may be excluded if so indicated in your contract. The page titled Discovery of a hidden defect provides more information on this subject.

Warranty maintenance

If you are wondering if a car must be maintained at the dealership in order for them to honour the manufacturer's warranty, visit the page titled Warranty maintenance to find out more.

Warranties on repairs

If you had your car repaired and paid the garage, only to find out the problem was not fixed once you got home, you have to go back to the same garage: the work must be done properly. Visit the page titled Problem not resolved after a repair was performed to find out about your rights.

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Last update : May 3, 2021

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