The advertised price of a product or a service must represent the full amount you need to pay to buy it. This total price must prevail visually over the amounts that are included within it, and it cannot be raised unless products or services are added upon your request.

Amounts that can be added to the sale price

Some amounts can be excluded from the advertised sale price. Those amounts are required under the provisions of a government act or regulation and must be collected and given to a public authority.

For example, the following amounts can be added to the invoice total upon payment:

  • the sales tax (QST and GST);
  • the contribution that travel agents must collect for the compensation fund for customers of travel agents;
  • the air travellers security charge collected by the federal government.

If the advertised price is not the one invoiced to you, you are entitled to demand paying the advertised price.

Prohibited practices related to the advertising of the sale price

It is prohibited for any merchant, manufacturer or advertisement to:

  • mention recurring payments that must be paid to buy a product or a service without providing its total cost;
  • demand a price higher than the one advertised;
  • advertise a reduced price when it is not, in fact, reduced;
  • pretend that the price of product or service is “the best in town” when you can, in fact, buy the same product or service for a price that is equivalent or lower from another merchant.

If there is a problem

If you discover a merchant does not abide by the pricing regulations, you should file a complaint with the Office de la protection du consommateur. The Contact us page provides the ways to reach us.

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Last update : May 25, 2021

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