If you want to refund or exchange a coupon purchased on a group purchasing Web site, you have 2 options.

Verify the merchant’s policy

You can first verify the group purchase Web site’s exchange and refund policy. The law does not require merchants to refund your coupon, exchange it for another coupon, or credit it. Merchants are free to decide on the terms of their exchange and refund policy. However, once they do adopt one, they are required to comply with its rules.

Cancelling an online purchase

It is possible to cancel a purchase made online without charge and within short elapsed time periods if the merchant has not respected certain commitments. You will be able to cancel your purchase if you respect set conditions and time limits.

Situations Cancellation time limit
  • The merchant has not provided mandatory information before you purchased the coupon.
  • The merchant has used means that are non-compliant with the law to provide mandatory information (for example, the information is hard to find on the merchant’s Web site, is impossible to print, etc.)
  • The merchant has not allowed you to accept or refuse their proposal or to modify it before accepting it.
  • The merchant has sent an invoice or a purchase confirmation in which mandatory information was missing. See the page about contract contents.
  • The merchant has sent an invoice or a purchase confirmation that cannot be printed or retained.
7 days following receipt of invoice or purchase confirmation
The merchant has not sent a copy of the invoice or the purchase confirmation to you within 15 days following the purchase. 30 days after purchase
  • The merchant has not sent your coupon within 30 days following the date agreed upon in writing.
  • The merchant has not send your coupon within 30 days following the purchase date, if the delivery time was not agreed upon in writing.
Anytime, before delivery
  • The merchant has not provided all the mandatory information before purchase. You realize this upon delivery of the coupon.
7 days following delivery of coupon

How to cancel an online purchase

You must submit a cancellation notice to the merchant. The Office de la protection du consommateur advises you to keep proof of delivery of this notice. You can send it by e-mail, by fax or by registered mail. The cancellation will take effect on the notice’s delivery date.

The merchant must refund you within 15 days after the notice’s delivery. They cannot exchange your coupon: they must refund your purchase.

Chargeback request

Did you use a credit card to make a purchase? If the merchant does not refund you within 15 days following the purchase cancellation, you can file a chargeback request within 60 days.

Chargebacks allow you to ask your credit card company to credit the amount paid to your account. For more information, please see the page about the reimbursement of online purchases.

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Last update : May 3, 2021

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