The service provider is subject to rules that limit the cancellation fees that can be charged for an open-ended television service contract .

These rules provide that, with certain exceptions, the service provider cannot charge cancellation fees. They also cannot charge fees for the cancellation of the rental contract for devices essential to the use of the television services subscription, for example, a terminal or a satellite dish.

Exception: cancellation charges permitted

Providers can charge cancellation fees when they accept that:

  • when you sign the contract, you pay less than the total price of a device related to your television service subscription (for example, a terminal);
  • and that the outstanding amount decreases progressively as each month of the contract elapses.

The later you cancel your contract, the lower the fees will be.

Calculating cancellation fees

Here is the formula to calculate the maximum cancellation fees that you can be charged if the exception applies.

[Amount of the unpaid portion of the sales price of the product when the contract was signed] - [1/48 x Amount of the unpaid portion of the sales price of the product when the contract was signed x Number of months elapsed on the contract] = Maximum cancellation fee

Sample calculation of the maximum cancellation fees

When you concluded your contract, the merchant provided you a terminal worth $500. You did not pay this amount. Each month, the service provider reduces the sum of $500 by a certain amount. You decide to cancel your contract in the 22nd month.

To calculate the maximum fees that you can be charged, the service provider must apply the following formula.

$500 - [1/48 x $500 x 22], simplified as $500 - $229.17 = $270.83

The maximum cancellation fee is $270.83.

Failure to respect the maximum cancellation fees

If your service provider has charged cancellation fees greater than what is permitted, you can dispute the fees charged. You can also file a complaint with the Office de la protection du consommateur. See Contact us to find out how to reach us.

Last update : June 10, 2024

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