Before making a phone or mail purchase, inquire about the merchant’s exchange and refund policies. The law does not require merchants to refund, exchange or credit an item that you no longer want.

Merchants are free to decide on the terms of their exchange and refund policy. However, once they do adopt one, they are required to comply with its rules.

Cancelling a purchase if a merchant does not honour their obligations

Merchants do not honour their obligations if, for example:

  • you realize, upon delivery, that they have not provided mandatory information before you made your purchase;
  • you do not receive the item you purchased within the delays provided by the law.

In such cases, you may be able to cancel your purchase. For more information about the different situations and cancellation time limits, see Conditions to cancel a phone or mail purchase.

Defective product

Merchants have obligations if the product you bought is defective. They must repair, exchange or refund the defective item. For more information on warranties that are automatically provided by law, see Warranties provided by law.

If the merchant or manufacturer offers a warranty, you should also read the pages Merchant or manufacturer warranty and Additional warranties.

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Last update : May 3, 2021

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