When you make a purchase online, the merchant can request payment before delivering the product or providing the service only in the following case: if you pay by credit card.

This payment method offers you protection: you may file a chargeback request with the issuer of the credit card you used to make your purchase, as long as certain conditions are met.

Exceptions: advance payment permitted

The restrictions regarding payment in advance do not apply to certain types of online purchases:

  • subscriptions to newspapers, magazines and journals;
  • prearranged funeral services and pre-purchased sepultures;
  • goods that may perish quickly, for example, food products;
  • purchases made from a travel agent which meet the trust account requirements. Funds deposited in such accounts can be used to compensate you in case of a problem;
  • goods purchased by auction, as defined by article 1757 and subsequent sections of the Civil Code of Québec;
  • lottery tickets (from Loto-Québec, for example).

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Last update : May 25, 2021

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