Before buying an additional warranty (sometimes called “extended warranty”), be aware that any good purchased from a merchant is covered by warranties provided by law.

Legal warranties entitle you to expect that the item you are buying:

  • will serve the purpose for which it was bought;
  • will have a reasonable lifetime, given the price paid, the contract, and the conditions of use;
  • will not contain hidden defects – that is, important defects that were present before the sale, that were not mentioned to you and that you could not have noticed, even if you were observant;
  • will conform to the description written in the contract and the advertising, and to the merchant’s statements.

Additional warranty offered online

Before offering an additional warranty online, a merchant must:

  • inform you of existing legal warranties and tell you what they cover. To do so, they must provide a written notice, which should only include mandatory information, such as the fact that the item must serve for normal use for a reasonable period of time. The notice should be legible and you must easily be able to print and retain it;
  • inform you of the existence and duration of the warranty offered for free by the manufacturer, if applicable. Upon your request, the merchant must also tell you how you can access all of the warranty’s conditions. This information must be expressly brought to your attention and be legible.

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