Travel agencies cannot change the price of your trip within 30 days of your departure. Prior to this 30-day period, price changes can only occur under 2 circumstances.

When the price can be changed

The price of a trip can only be changed if your contract provides for an amendment clause. Thus the price can be changed if:

  • a fuel price increase occurs and is imposed by the carrier;
  • an increase in the exchange rate occurs. To be able to change the price of the trip, the exchange rate applicable 45 days prior to the date of the trip must have increased by at least 5% since the day you concluded the contract.

For contracts concluded in person, the travel agent must inform you of this clause verbally and in writing before you sign the contract.

Are you planning on finalizing the contract on the Internet? The travel agent is not required to inform you of this clause verbally. However, the agent must bring this clause to your attention using a different means of communication.

If the contract is concluded by telephone, the travel agent is not required to inform you immediately of this clause in writing. However, the agent must send you a contract containing this clause in the next 15 days.

Solutions to a price increase

If the price change is equal or greater than 7% of the price of the contract, you can ask to be reimbursed for your trip. You can also accept to switch your trip for a similar trip.

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Last update : May 3, 2021

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