Travel counsellors are employees who work for travel agencies. When you do business with travel counsellors, make sure that they have a valid certificate from the Office la protection du consommateur. This is particularly important if you make a purchase from a counsellor who does not work at the offices of the agency.

What is a travel counsellor certificate?

A travel counsellor certificate is an official document issued by the Office. It certifies that counsellors are aware of their obligations and responsibilities when conducting travel sales. To receive their certificate, counsellors must pass an exam on the law and regulations governing the travel sector.

Advantages of dealing with a certified counsellor

In doing business with a counsellor who is certified by the Office, you are making sure that the counsellor works for a travel agency that holds a licence. As a result, you are protected by the Compensation fund for customers of travel agents.

Making sure that a travel counsellor has a valid certificate

The Office provides you with a search tool so you can find information about a travel counsellor.

Were you are unable to find the travel counsellor with this search tool? Be vigilant: the travel counsellor may not be authorized to engage in travel-related activities.

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