Agencies that offer you to purchase a trip on the Internet or by telephone must respect the rules prescribed under law.

Validity period of displayed prices

Travel agents who have a Web site enabling you to buy online must display this framed message:

Prices advertised on our site are valid if you purchase services in one single session. If you disconnect from our site, prices could be different in your next session.

If no framed message is displayed, the agencies must indicate the period of validity during which the services may be purchased at the advertised price.


The Web site of the agency must also make references to "Québec licence holders". The page used to Making sure the travel agency has a licence provides information about the travel agent’s licence.

Other required information

All travel agents who make it possible for you to make an online or telephone purchase are required to provide a detailed description of the offer. Such offer must contain the following information:

  • the name and contact information of the merchant;
  • a detailed description of each service;
  • total amount of the purchase, including related fees and taxes;
  • a description of the required fees (customs duties, brokerage fees, etc.);
  • the payment terms;
  • the currency (Euros, US dollars, etc.) used to pay the transaction;
  • the delivery date or waiting period, and, if applicable, the delivery mode and the name of the transport company;
  • cancellation terms and refund policy of the travel agent.

Written contract

If you accept the offer from the travel agent, he or she must send you a written contract within 15 days. This contract must be presented in a format that you can print and save for your records.

The travel agent must give you the documents that are necessary for your trip at least 7 days before your departure date. If the trip is purchased less than 7 days before the departure, the travel agent must give you the documents before you leave on your trip.

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Last update : May 3, 2021

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