The law provides for regulations that govern rewards programs, but some programs are not covered.

These are programs that give you either of the following rewards:

  • only goods or services valued at $50 dollars or less each; or
  • a single item or service (or a single combination of goods and services), determined in advance.


As part of these programs:

  • merchants may determine that the exchange units can no longer be used as of a specific date or after an established period;
  • merchants may provide for the possibility of changing all of the program's conditions without having to, among other things, notify you of the change in writing.

Examples of programs where exchange units can expire

  • A card, on which you apply a sticker when you purchase a cup of coffee, entitles you to a free cup of coffee when the card has 10 stickers. The card may no longer be valid after the date indicated on it.
  • A card, that you have punched each time you visit a restaurant, entitles to you a $10 rebate after 10 visits. You may no longer be able to use the card 12 months after your first visit.
  • A stamp is given to you at the grocery store for every $20 of purchases made. The only possible reward is a set of 6 wine glasses in exchange for 100 stamps. The program could end on March 31.
  • A merchant offers you a free outdoor furniture set for $5,000 worth of purchases in his or her store in one year. The promotion could expire at the end of that year.

Last update : August 2, 2018

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