Are you looking to sign up to a rewards program? The following tips may be of interest to you.

Before entering into a rewards program agreement, the loyalty program merchant is required to provide you with certain mandatory information in writing.

Comparison of benefits

Among other things, the mandatory information includes the conditions that must be fulfilled to receive exchange units (points, dollars, stamps, etc.) and the terms under which they can be redeemed. This information allows you to compare the various programs that are offered to you and help you determine whether signing up is to your advantage.

To find out more about the mandatory information that must be provided by a loyalty program merchant, refer to the page titled Information to Obtain Before Signing Up.

Some merchants are not required to provide this information. For more information, refer to the page titled Programs Not Covered.

Programs associated with a credit card

If you are offered a program that is associated with a credit card, take the time to evaluate whether it is really beneficial to you.

If you often only make the minimum payment and carry over your outstanding balance, you may be better off choosing a card with a lower credit rate, with no rewards program. The credit charges could be higher than the value of the rewards... If you are in default of payment, you may also not be able to use the exchange points you have received.

Refer to the page that provides advice before applying for a credit card for more recommendations.

Loyalty program merchants must obey the rules that apply to changes made to an exchange unit agreement or expiry date.

Changing the conditions

A merchant offering a loyalty program may change your rewards program agreement, but only in certain cases and under certain conditions. Other changes are prohibited. Refer to the pages titled Changing an Indeterminate-Term Contract and Changing a Term Contract to find out more.

Expiry of exchange units

Generally speaking, exchange units (points, dollars, stamps, etc.) that you receive remain valid. They can only expire if certain specific conditions are met. The page titled Expiry of Exchange Units provides more details.

Exemptions for "small" programs

Some merchants are not required to follow these rules. Refer to the page on the programs not covered.

Last update : February 28, 2023

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