Exchange units (points, dollars, stamps, etc.) that you receive as part of a rewards program generally remain valid.

Merchant prohibitions

Loyalty program merchants are not allowed to decide that the units you have accumulated expire:

  • on a specific date;
  • after a determined period, e.g. 5 years after you become a member of the program.

Expiry under certain conditions

Accumulated exchange units can expire if you do not receive any or if you do not exchange any during a period determined by the merchant. This period must be at least one year.

For the expiry to be allowed, the agreement entered into with the merchant must indicate that possibility as well as the inactive account period that applies (at least one year).

The merchant is also required to send you an inactive account notice. This notice must:

  • only indicate that the inactivity will lead to the expiry of your exchange units on the specified date;
  • be sent to you 30 to 60 days before the expiry date.

The exchange units you have received can only expire if the merchant abides by all of these conditions.

Exemptions for "small" programs

Some merchants are not required to abide by the rules provided for by law that govern rewards programs. Refer to the page on the programs not covered.

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