Any advertisement for products or services must indicate an “all-inclusive” price. This means that the price includes all of the amounts you will have to pay to purchase the product or service.

The all-inclusive price must be displayed more prominently than the amounts it includes. In other words, the merchant must make sure the total price of the product or service stands out.

This requirement applies to all types of advertisements: television commercials, radio ads, signs displayed in a store, etc.

Prohibited practices in connection with the advertised price

All merchants, manufacturers or advertisers are prohibited from :

  • indicating only the amount of the periodic instalments to be made to purchase a product or service without displaying the total price more prominently;
  • charging a price that is higher than the one advertised;
  • claiming that the advertised price is reduced when it is not;
  • claiming that the price of a product or service is “the best in town” when you can purchase the same product or service at the same price or less from another merchant.

Amounts that may be added

Certain amounts may be excluded from the advertised price. These are amounts you have to pay that the merchant will then remit to a public authority. These include :

  • the Québec sales tax (QST);
  • the goods and services tax (GST);
  • the contribution to the Compensation Fund for Customers of Travel Agents (FICAV).

If there is a problem

What happens if you are charged a price that is different from the advertised price? You have the right to demand to pay the price as advertised.

You may also file a complaint with the Office de la protection du consommateur if you see that a merchant is not abiding by the pricing rules. The page titled Contact Us lists our contact information.

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Last update : May 16, 2023

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