The Consumer Protection Act prohibits commercial advertising that targets children under the age of thirteen. The Office de la protection du consommateur oversees compliance with this prohibition.

Understanding the rules in force

We are making the guide titled Advertising Directed at Children under 13 Years of Age available to help you understand the scope of the legislative provisions that apply in Québec. Among other things, this guide presents the criteria that the Office uses to determine whether an ad is aimed at children.

Talking to children about advertising

Are you the parent of a child under 13 years of age? Are you a teacher? The Office offers 2 resources to help you make children aware of the effects of advertising. In addition, you can refer to the document titled Your kids and ads.

Teacher Zone

The Teacher Zone offers a collection of activities to be done in the classroom, regardless of the grade you are teaching. Learn about the activities that deal with advertising. Among other things, they will help students:

  • become aware that advertising is all around them;
  • develop good judgment and critical thinking about advertising.

Parent Zone

The Parent Zone is a practical tool for parents who want to help their elementary or high-school aged children develop critical thinking about consumer issues, learn about their rights as consumers and be able to exercise their recourse options. Among other things, you will find various activities dealing with the subject of advertising, based on the children’s age.

Last update : September 23, 2021

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