The childcare centre cannot collect payment or a deposit before your child actually attends the establishment.

When the first payment must be remitted

The childcare centre can require a payment from the first day your child attends the establishment, never before that. No payment of any kind can be requested or remitted, e.g. to reserve a place for a child.

Number of instalments

The childcare centre cannot require or offer to have you to pay for the services in a single instalment, for the duration of the contract. Payment must be made in at least 2 approximately equal instalments, which are to be claimed at regular intervals. For example, you could make a payment every week.

Prohibited fees

Any fee that is charged to you must be specified in the contract. If an optional service, such as an outing, is offered, it must be indicated in a separate contract and be invoiced separately.

For late payments, interest can be only charged for the overdue period.

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Last update : September 1, 2021

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