You can cancel a contract with a childcare centre at any time. You can be charged a penalty fee only if your child has started attending the childcare centre. Whether you have concluded your contract in person, by phone, or online, the rules are the same.

Cancelling before benefiting from the services

If you must cancel your contract before any services have been received, you can cancel without incurring charges or penalty fees.

Cancelling an ongoing contract

To cancel an ongoing contract, you can send the cancellation form that was provided along with your contract to the childcare centre's administrators. You can also send any other type of written notice.

We recommend that you to send the document via registered mail. The contract is cancelled from the moment the form or notice is sent. The childcare centre cannot require that the cancellation be in effect at a later date, for example, a month later. No advance notice is necessary.

The childcare centre may charge a penalty fee. This penalty corresponds to the lower of the following amounts: $50 or 10% of the value of the services that were not rendered.

For example: you cancel a 4-week, $600 contract after a week. The penalty will be $45.00 (10% of the value of the services that were not rendered).

Cancelling a contract for additional services

To cancel a contract for meals, personal hygiene items, or outings and nonrecurring activities, you can send the cancellation form that was provided with the contract or any other type of written notice.

From the moment the contract is cancelled, the merchant has 10 days to issue a refund, if applicable.

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Last update : July 25, 2022

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