Does your child require any material or equipment for the camp? If so, you are free to purchase it wherever you choose, even if it is sold by the merchant that offers the camp.

If you decide to purchase this material or equipment from the merchant that offers the camp, the merchant must give you a written contract if the cost of the goods is higher than $100. This is called an “accessory contract.”

Elements that must be indicated in a contract for the purchase of material or equipment

The accessory contract, i.e. the contract that covers the purchase of material or equipment, must contain the following elements:

  • the camp’s name and address;
  • your name and address;
  • the location and date of signature;
  • a description of the material or equipment purchased (brand, quantity, etc.);
  • the cash price of each item;
  • the applicable taxes;
  • the total amounts to pay;
  • the clause that explains the contract cancellation terms. This clause is presented in section 50 of the Regulation respecting the application of the Consumer Protection Act.

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Last update : May 3, 2021

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