Before registering your child in a day camp or a stayover camp online or over the phone, find out what the merchant is offering.

Information the merchant is required to provide

Before you make your purchase, the merchant is required to provide you with the following information:

  • the merchant’s name and contact information, including its telephone number, fax number and email address;
  • a detailed description of the services offered;
  • the total amount to be paid, i.e. the price of the stay, any other fees that may be charged, and the applicable taxes;
  • the payment terms and schedule;
  • a description of any additional fees that may be charged;
  • the camp’s start date and end date;
  • the currency (Canadian dollars, etc.) used to pay the amount of the transaction;
  • the merchant’s cancellation and reimbursement policy.

From the moment you enter into an agreement with the merchant, the merchant has 15 days to send you a written contract. This contract must contain the same information, as well as all of the other mandatory clauses.

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Last update : May 3, 2021

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